Motivational Interviewing for Human Services and Law Enforcement

California Consulting offers training on the use of Motivational Interviewing. We teach human services workers and law enforcement personnel the strategies for structured guidance to assist a person's movement toward change.

Motivational Interviewing is a person-centered, directive method for facilitating change by helping people explore and work through ambivalence- the places where they "get stuck " -and enhance their intrinsic motivation to change. In this training, we help you learn to recognize "change talk," and learn to respond to it and summon even more of it from challenging youth and families. You will learn Motivational Interviewing strategies that raise both the importance of positive behavior change, explore client values around making change, increasing the confidence to change; supporting commitment to change and how to and follow-up to promote further movement.

Betty Hanna is a member of the internationally recognized Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) and California Consulting provides motivational interviewing instruction and training for child welfare staff throughout California.

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California Consulting provides one free training per month to a non-profit or for a business that is in some way giving back to the Community. For information please call Betty at (925) 984-4300.

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